Stroudwater Mills


Fromehall Mill, Stroud, c.18th - c.19th
Fromehall Mill, Stroud, Early to Mid c.18th & Mid c.19th. An ancient site.


Stroud – ‘Golden Valley’

Spring (Bliss) Mill, Chalford approx c.1830s
Spring Mill, part of Bliss Mills Estate (or current Chalford Industrial Estate), approx. c.1830s.
Port Mill, Brimscome, early c.1870s
Port Mill, Brimscombe. Current mill dates from early c.1870s, but re-built following a serious fire. Handsomely restored.
Hallidays Mill, approx c.1820
Haliday’s Mill – Chalford c.19th century mill on an earlier site. Stone stories probably c.1820, brick upper floors later.
St Mary's 1
St.Mary’s Mill, Chalford, c.1820
A stone-built mill with an 1844 breast-shot waterwheel


Ebley to the Stanleys

Snow Mill 1
Oil (Snow) Mill, Ebley. Built in the c.1720s to grind rapeseed oil as a local alternative to imported Gallipolli oil (used for dressing wool in the carding process). Became a fulling mill. Later a corn mill. Now artificial snow (one of the great success stories in new uses for old mills).  Current building probably early c.19th century.
Stanley Mill, Kings Stanley, c.1813
Stanley Mill. (Kings Stanley) c.1813. Grade 1 listed, unique in the world



Dunkirk Mill B

Dunkirk Mill, Nailsworth
A line of mill buildings up to 5 storeys high built between c.1798 and c.1855 as a woollen mill. Now mostly converted to flats, but the Stroudwater Textile Trust Visitor Centre at the north end includes an c.1855 wheel driving working textile machinery. There are two other large overshot wheels and a small museum. Earlier waterwheels and restored millpond viewable by appointment.


Egypt Mill, Nailsworth